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Chain Stitching

A master of chain stitching is difficult to find. Chain stitching is a type of stitching that consists of two threads chaining and locking together for superior strength and flexibility. Finding a Marin tailor or alterations shop that can perform the task well is difficult. But in Marin we are fortunate that Jaime’s Alterations in San Rafael offers this service. With easy access off Highway 101 in San Rafael and plenty of on-site parking, Jaime’s Alterations offers the expertise in alterations and the required sewing equipment so you can get the stitching needed for your vintage item.

The sewing professionals at Jaime’s can do a simple hem or a more difficult task. When possible, Jaime’s Alterations in San Rafael, uses the same thread that the manufacturer did and matches the color as  well. The end result is as close to the original as fastidious Marin residents could require.